About Raven Studios

Raven Studios is a young, ambitious software-development company led by its two managing partners, who have combined for over 25 years of professional software and database development in the marketplace. While we typically design solutions using Microsoft technologies, Raven Studios has developers with significant experience in other environments (MySQL, PHP, etc.)

Our Belief

For custom software solutions, we believe in this philosophy:
Of the 3 qualities of software development (Inexpensive, Quick Delivery, and High Quality), a customer can realistically prioritize only 2 of those. We strongly believe “High Quality” should be one of them.

We believe that quality is, without question, the most important factor when designing, testing, and implementing software solutions. A shortcut in development which sacrifices efficiency and effectiveness for the end-user, future developers, or data extraction is no shortcut at all.

We believe that when we are employed to provide a solution, a crucial part of our job is to inform our customers when we believe there is possibly a better solution or process available. In the end, the customers make the final decisions regarding their software, but it is our responsibility to provide our customers with all of the information they need to make the best decisions.

Company Background